Anyone can get verified on Instagram

Your guide to get verified on Instagram.

We all crave validation, plus if you are validated by the hottest social media site out there it can boost your confidence to a new level. We all seen that blue tick on the celebrity or brand ‘insta’ pages and wondered when I am going to get it. Well now Instagram has made it available for all, yes you heard it right anyone can get verified on Instagram now.
Well, don’t get too excited everyone can apply for it, doesn’t mean everyone will get it. Instagram has some process through which they will validate your application and will let you know if your application for verification has been approved. 

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Here is the guide that will help you understand the process of getting verified on Instagram.

How to do it:

Follow these simple steps to get start your application:

1)Open Instagram app and login with your credentials if you have not already logged in.

2)Now navigate to settings in the profile.

3)Select Request Verification option from the list.

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4)Enter full name and upload a valid government id for your verification

5) Click submit and you are done.

Once you submit the process it will go to Instagram for verification and you will be notified whether your application is approved or rejected. Don’t expect the response immediately, considering the number of request for verification is very high. But you will be notified eventually. Also, remember they are not looking to verify everyone so as not to lose the value of it.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Getting verified on Instagram is not as easy as it sounds, your application must have some weight in order to be eligible for itInstagram has given some qualification factors that add to your application’s chances of being acceded. Here are the main aspects of it:

  1. 1 Authentic

    This is kind of basic requirement, of course, nobody is going to verify your account if it is not of the one who is claiming. So, make sure you are requesting for verification of authentic person, brand or business.

  2. 2 Unique:

    Yes, this is one is also important as they don’t want to verify two accounts of the same person. Then it would make no sense, so make sure there is only one account for one person or business. Two people can have the same name, that will be considered provided you have sufficient proof. Also, an exception is given to language-specific account like news channels can get multiple accounts verified under different languages. General interest accounts like ‘meme makers’ will not be verified has been clarified by Instagram.

  3. 3 Public

    Instagram will only verify the account if it is public, private accounts will not be verified.

  4. 4 Complete

    You must have a complete account with proper bio, profile photo and have a minimum of one post. Add me links on different social media sites are a big no. Just make sure when Instagram reviews your application they must have all knowledge about you from the account and have the surety of your interest.

  5. 5 Notable

    In order to keep the significance of the verification badge, Instagram will make sure not to give them away to everyone. One must be well known and highly searched person or entity to be eligible for it. Instagram will review the account and if they feel you match all the criteria mentioned above they will give the verification badge and notify you over a registered email address.

    Keep in mind providing false information cannot only completely ruin your chances of getting the verification badge but also may result in account deletion. So, it’s better to provide all the correct information, even if your request is declined you can resubmit it again in 30days. Also, Instagram keeps the right to take the badge away if found violating its regulations, like advertising your badge or selling/transferring yours to someone else. You should also not try to verify the account using the third party.

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