Are Indians forgetting their culture ?

Indian's blindly following western culture and just forgetting their own culture , traditions , custom and respect.

Cultures of Indians are one of the oldest and richest forms. Western culture is making its strong base in India. Our youth is forgetting the old culture and moving towards a new culture. Westernization is already a presence in Metro states and now slowly going towards other parts of India.

Westernization has not only affected our way of living but also affected our traditions, customs, and our respect and also love with others. In Indians culture, nobody now bothers to live in joint family and only cares about himself which is totally conflict to our Indian culture. Joint family teaches us each and every moment of joy or sorrow how to celebrate the moments together and share all things together. Mainly, all our values and traditions for which India has been known for is demolishing and taking place of western culture. People are blindly following the western culture.

Single families raise the westernization. Marriages are totally affected by this western culture. Marriages are being broken and no one has patience and tolerance. Especially, our youth is totally affected by westernization; they find stress and lonely in a new atmosphere as there is no one to take care of them. They will not get the care and love of their grandparents. It is unfortunate that the new generation remains untouched and also cut off from our Indian culture and also sanskaras.

There is no cause in taking good things western but this does not mean we should completely adopt it. India is growing in every field and there is a necessity of knowing all cultures and their traditions. We have to pretend our identity of being Indians. One thing should be always considered in our mind that the western world is looking India for its honesty and also its cultural heritage.

In today’s generation has very little knowledge about their culture. This is not their mistake, but the mistakes of their parents who do not aware their children about their culture and their heritage. Parents feel proud in giving the western sanskaras to their children, but they forget to give also India sanskaras.

Foreigners are coming to India for finding the true peace, which is totally absent there. India has earned a good name in the field of yoga and meditation. Our gurus of meditation and yoga are taught in western countries how to relax and how to keep away from the disease.Western culture is easy going and has taught to self independent, but it does not mean that we will forget our culture. India has the tradition to consider good things from others, but this does not mean we will completely forget our values and traditions. Every Indian should feel proud that we have a rich cultural heritage.

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