Exposed The Biggest Youtubers Scam in India

The biggest fraud done over youtube India changes the mind of any person completely and pushes to buy a product or believe one ideology.

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We are living in a cyber world now and is carrying an identity of netizens, As most of us are totally connected to the internet, the Internet has got drastic control over our minds. 

We do things that we see over the internet and we believe the news that is over the internet without considering its facts and sources. And that is where we go wrong.

We when on the Internet forget that we are living in the yuga where truths are engineered and lies don't exist. 

There are many peoples on the internet who should not be there at all but they exist and their sole motive is to serve you with catchy & sensational content, dumping facts and figures aside. 

On the youtube India platform, you can categorise them into  three main categories

  1. 1 Tech Youtubers

    These are the most found ones. They are everywhere on youtube with their so-called brutal reviews of new tech gadgets such as mobile phone, tablets, PC's, laptops, apps etc etc etc. Those reviews are mostly fake if we leave some channels aside.

    They get hefty payment for reviewing a gadget as a good one.

     There are two different wrong ways they earn money.

    1. Affiliate marketing- Talking about this method they give a purchase link to the concerned product for which they get a share for each purchase made by the link. 
    2. Paid reviews- In this case they directly get paid by the concerning companies in cash or kinds for alluring reviews. 

    In this case, they cleverly give exposure to the good part of the product and talk less about the cons. This is done with the absolute precision that your mind accepts that the review is legit. 

    Companies hence create a large base over youtube and social media and this directly helps them in creating hype for their product in the market and thus finally manage to increase their sales.

    (we'll be coming with a separate blog, in  that we'll be talking about "how to measure the legitimacy of specs in a mobile phone" )

  2. 2 Political Youtubers/Agenda Based Youtubing and Fake News Channel

    There is no doubt that freedom of speech is our fundamental right, but we are living in a country that is totally politically unstable and politics is the most lethal topic all over the country around the year around the clock. 

    These YouTubers set a political party as an agenda to oppose or to support and they keep on supporting or opposing the party no matters what.
    They are one who is responsible for misleading the country from ground reality to constructed reality. 

    They mainly get funded by the concerning political party.

    Criticism is necessary for every democratic country and its government but what kinds of YouTubers don't see any significant difference between criticism and opposing.

     You'll find thousands of channels with different agendas and goals, believe us they are fake as they forget a common theory that states "everything has cons as well as pros "  and moreover most of them will target a single political party to blame on.

    Now that fake news is the new trend there are hundreds of YouTubers coming up with fake news channels they don't carry words like researches, reports, analysis, data in their dictionary. They just share any sensational news that is plagiarized from elsewhere or made up by them to create the sensation. That news misleads the public and sometimes end with causing a havoc. 

  3. 3 The Tona-Totka ones

    They grew because we Indians are way too superstitious and always try to find shortcuts through these notions. 

    They have sole motive to gain views which they get because of our constant and blind faith. 

    Believe us they don't ever think of benefitting you they are only concerned about the view count that will directly get them paid off. 

    These were some kind of Youtubers/Vloggers you should avoid.

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