Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes | Happy New Year Images

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year, here are 100 Happy New Year messages,Images,quotes designed especially for you.

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Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year, here are some New Year wishes, designed especially for you. Starting with one from the great poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, here you will find best 100 Happy New year messages. 

Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes

Happy New Year Quotes || Happy New Year Images
  1. “ Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, 
    Whispering ‘it will be happier”
  2. Only you can alter your life and decide the way it goes. I wish that this New Year, you start with the small things and eventually, you’ll start to see all the changes.
  3. Trust your inner voice and your instincts; let this New Year bring more confidence in your life.
  4. This New Year, remember that life is 10% how you act and 90% how you react. So, try and control your actions and your reactions. You’ll see that your life will get drastically better
  5. The first day of a New Year is the first page of a 365 page long blank book. Make sure you write a good one.
  6. Every page of last year was written in a different language. This year, learn something new and write it in that distinct language.’
  7. Your appearance can never define who you are and the ones who do so can never realize what life is really about. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you break the norms and be an even better version of what you were
  8.  It is said that happiness comes from acceptance. This New Year, accept your flaws and work hard to create a better you.
  9. This New Year, find something you love- a hobby, maybe dancing and take some time out every week to pursue that.
  10. I wish that with this New Year, you learn how to more efficiently maintain a balance in life and the challenges you face.
  11. This New Year, take some time off and go on a journey to someplace you’ve never been to. Just sit back and relax.
  12. Friends make our life easy claimand it is with them that even the difficult times seem like a cakewalk. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you make new friends and the ones you already have to get to witness and another year of your life.
  13. This New Year, I wish that even with the whole world against you, if you have faith that you are right, trust your instincts and don’t falter from it, even once.
  14. When we wage wars, we win some, we lose some. What’s more important is that we gain something from each and every experience. I wish that this year, you gain experiences and beautify your life even more.
  15. With this New Year, I wish for you to go ahead, reevaluate your self worth and create the best version of you.
  16. Every day of this New Year, meditate and increase your inner calmness.
  17. The drives we have in our life, the ones that push us to go ahead are the most necessary. Here’s to wishing that this New Year is adventurous.
  18. There are a lot of circumstances that will make you want to give up, but perseverance can lead to great things. So, this year, my wish for you is that you persevere in every field and attain success.
  19. Let the tears you shed last year be the motivating force for you turn this New Year into the best year.
  20. Cheers to a brand New Year and yet another chance for us to get it right.
  21. Like a bridge of silver wings stretching from the dead ashes of a phoenix, rise to a new dawn, to the jewelled vision of a life started anew.
  22. May this New Year bring you enough colours to make and then subsequently break your resolutions early! I hope you swear off every kind of virtue so that you triumph even when you fall!
  23. This New Year, start a new tradition. Listen to audio tapes, get a new perspective on things you’re afraid to try and create a new you.
  24. This New Year lets renovate not only the outside but also the inside of the rooms of our minds, to unleash our true potential.
  25. This New Year, wage a war with all your vices, remain at peace with all your neighbours, and let every New Year render you a better person.
  26. Have faith in the New Year that you have been blessed with. Believe in its beauty and work with all your might to make it the best one you can.
  27. Whenever we open a book, we see that its pages are blank. We ourselves are going to etch words on them, we call the book Opportunity and its first chapter is the New Year’s Day. 
  28. The object of a New Year is not a bare necessity to have one. It is about going ahead, making resolutions and striving to achieve them.
  29. Have faith in the New Year that you have been blessed with. Believe in its beauty and work with all your might to make it the best one you can.
  30. This New Year, start a new habit, preserve yourself in a journal so that when you look at it, you know how much you’ve grown
  31. Not just a changing of the calendar, the New Year marks a changing of ambitions, commitments, and attitude. It creates new challenges and gives us a lot of optimism. So, use that optimism to propel yourself into creating the best possible year.
  32. Make this New Year the day you create a new you, you have two choices: you can either pass through another year, coasting on cruise control  or you can step out of your comfort zone, trying things you have never done before and made this year, the year that you elevate from where you are and soar high.
  33. This New Year, plan to include a little more adventure in your life. Infuse more action in your life and live it more.
  34. Try and harness your inner light to remove the darkness prevailing in the world outside and make a difference this New Year.
  35. Whatever happened in the past just let it go and make a vow to create new memories and move on.
  36. Let this year be the one where you work the hardest to set goals and pursue them with all your might. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you achieve all your goals.
  37. Having ambitions is what makes us alive and it is what helps us move ahead in life. May this New Year fulfill all your ambitions.
  38. Give up all your fears and inhibitions so that you walk into this New Year with your head held high.
  39. Sometimes, in life we tend to forget the worth of people around us. This New Year, let people around you know that you appreciate them.
  40. It was said by Dalai Lama XIV “happiness is not something really made, it comes from your actions” Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you let your actions make you happier rather than anything else.
  41. I wish that this New Year, try to be kind to everyone you meet and you’ll see that it really makes a difference
  42. This year, have a positive attitude towards things that seem the most negative and you’ll see that your perception of a problem changes.
  43. This New Year, try things you’ve always been afraid to try because you felt that they were out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll find something you love.
  44. It is said that people may not understand your words, but they sense your attitude. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you keep a positive attitude.
  45. Enjoying the little moments in life is what makes it worth living. This New Year, I wish that this New Year is filled with many such little moments.
  46. It that sometimes it takes a really good fall to take you higher than you have ever been. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you learn from mistakes and become a better version of yourself.
  47. I wish that this New Year, you work harder towards the purpose of your life and move in the direction of achieving it This New Year, try to nurture your beliefs and have faith on the direction you choose to steer your life in.
  48. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you stay strong and never ever give up hope in life because great things take time.
  49. This year, stat with pushing yourself to be more fit. Exercise, eat healthy and gain a healthy life. Here’s to wishing you a healthy life.
  50. The up and downs of life are nothing, but little tests to see your strength.  Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you pass all such tests and with flying colors
  51. I wish that you spend this New Year trying new things, picking some hobbies, leaning new things and make this year a really productive one.
  52. Our life experiences give us a unique personality which in turn, changes us into fascinating beings and this New Year, I wish you to be more of yourself and less of how people wish to see you.
  53. I wish that with this New Year, you let go of your toxic past and go be the person you’ve always wished to be.
  54. This New Year, I wish you succeed in making a difference in the world.
  55. Obstacles come in everyone’s life, but may this year give you the strength to overcome all the obstacles you face.
  56. This New Year, I wish that every little thing you’ve had faith in comes true.
  57. May this New Year fill your entire life with positivity and a fresh perspective.
  58. Always remain full of positivity. It may be stormy now, but this too shall pass. I wish that you fill this new year with positivity
  59. I wish that this New Year, you travel as much as you wish, get fresher perspectives and make your life even more beautiful.
  60. Time and tide wait for none. So, this New Year, try and manage your time so that you’re able to plan better and give your life a new direction.
  61. Try and get into a habit of regular reading, a new book every month in this New Year can really alter your perspective.
  62. There is a lot of injustice in life; some of it is done by us and some to us. What we do is what comes back to us. This New Year, try to be more analytical.
  63. With the advent of a New Year, try and enjoy a new hobby. Pick and choose a hobby according to your interest and work hard on it, to create a better version of yourself.
  64. Fear is the greatest inhibition in the path of success. This New Year, eliminating fear from your life can really help you alter things.
  65. In this digitized age, this New Year, try to stay away from your phone. Try not to pick it up every time it ringson theor you receive a notification.
  66. The key to a healthy life is happiness. No matter what tries to pull you down, this New Year try to stay upright and strong
  67. Sports increase the physical as well as mental health of a person and in this day and age, both are very necessary. So, in this New Year try and take out time, even if once a week to play sports and you’ll see the difference it makes.
  68. Wisdom is what makes a person true gem is having wisdom. Try and gain more wisdom than you had last year. It never hurts to have the knowledge, does it?
  69. This New Year, try and put a little bit more faith in your destiny and even when things seem blurry our situations get out of hand, stay calm and have faith.
  70. Begin this New Year with optimism; don’t ever let anyone put you down because of anything.
  71. This year, try and take out more time for the people who’ve always stood by you, your family.
  72. With the beginning of a New Year, try stepping outside the box, transform your surroundings and bring new vibes into your life.
  73. A minute change of perception can lead to great things, so this New Year try and change your perception.
  74. Life is a beautiful journey and the way you make it is what gives you beautiful experiences. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you have even more amazing experiences that make this journey even more beautiful.
  75. Just like a ladder, life has many steps and I wish that with this New Year, all the steps you take lead you to a positive direction.
  76. Every New Year is a chance for improvement and betterment in our life. This year, I wish you improve and excel in all the fields of your life.
  77. I wish this New Year fills you with positivity and make every day beautiful.
  78. Be grateful for all you have and never stop working hard for achieving more. This year, I wish that all your hard work pays off.
  79. With this New Year, I wish you work on your existing relationships, let go of the toxic ones and create new relationships.
  80. I wish this New Year grants you enough strength to follow and achieve your dreams
  81. When things seem lost, try and find the way and let the light within you lead you to it. This New Year, try and be stronger than you ever were.
  82. The things that happened in the past were a mere part of your history. The New Year brings a hope of a newer and better future and requires all your efforts in doing so.
  83. There, sometimes seems to be an acute lack of direction in your life. Every New Year comes into your life with a chance to redirect certain things and make some essential changes.
  84. Your attitude is what defines you. Try to keep a positive attitude towards any obstacles and you’ll find that this New Year will turn out to be almost everything you ever wanted.
  85. Accept challenges, try to devise new ways to overcome them and make this New Year an adventure worth taking.
  86. Learn to control your moods and you’ll see the difference this new habit brings in your New Year.
  87. No matter what mistakes you make have no regrets. Trust your destiny and this New Year; do not let your mistakes define you.
  88. Practice self-love, take yourself out for a coffee, go to a movie or see a play. Wishing that this year, you learn to love yourself, just a little bit more.
  89. Create and develop new talents and I wish with that, you go ahead with creating a new you this New Year.
  90. Take some time off, get in touch with nature and enjoy the beauty of greens and hues in this New Year.
  91. With the upcoming New Year, I wish you reflect on yourself and come out with a better version of you.
  92. I wish that this New Year you fill your life with enthusiasm and let it go all year long.
  93. This New Year, I wish you find true love and if you already have it then may that bond get stronger.
  94. Life is nothing without adventure. So, here’s to wishing that this New Year, you embark on journeys that fill your life with even more adventures.
  95. I wish that this New Year, you let your walls down and feel warmth and happiness without the fear of getting hurt.
  96. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, you drown all your vices and work on being a better version of you.
  97. May this New Year find you and your family in the best of your health.
  98. Our family plays a very important role in helping us live our life happily and fully. Here’s to wishing that this New Year, the bond of you and your family gets stronger.
  99. It is said that “it is not in the stars but in us to see what the destiny holds” so, wishing that this New Year you put faith in destiny and see the miracles it performs.
  100. This New Year, before being happy on the outside, takes time and make your soul happy. For it is only a happy soul that renders a happy mind.

So, these were our collection of Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes | Happy New Year Images . What’s yours , comment down below.

Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes | Happy New Year Images

Why we celebrate New Year on 1st Janaury ?

Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes | Happy New Year Images

Over the span of millions of years, there have been multiple attempts to relate the sun and the moon. The most prominent celestial bodies to time. Even in this modern age, the Chinese and then Islamic calendars are lunar calendars. It is on the basis of revolution of Moon around the Earth. The initiation of the calendar was done around 45 BC by the great Roman dictator, Julius Caesar.  He picks up the date of 1st January to start the year. And from then, the calendar saw many highs and lows to reach the form it is in now. So to know more, let’s take a trip down the history lane, starting from the ancient Roman Empire to the 18th century England. Everyone celebrate the new year and wishes everyone with Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes | Happy New Year Images on social media.

Conception- Ancient Roman

The Romans had a god whose name was Janus. He was the god of doors and gates and he had two faces. One is looking forward and one looking back. It was therefore thought by the Roman dictator Julius Caesar that it is appropriate for Janus’ namesake month January to be the doorway to a new year. When he created the Julian calendar; he made January 1 the first day of the year. He further decided that the traditional Roman calendar was in ominous need of reform. Introduced around the seventh century B.C., the Roman calendar tried to follow the lunar cycle. It repeatedly fell out of phase with the seasons and had to be corrected.

Caesar solicites the help of Sosigenes

So, in designing his new calendar, Caesar solicits the help of Sosigenes, an Alexandrian astronomer. He advises him to follow the solar year, like the Egyptians. Calculation of this year is to be 365 and 1/4 days. Caesar added 67 days to 45 B.C. It making 46 B.C. begin on January 1, rather than in March. He also decreed that in every four years a day will be added to February, as a preventive measure to keep his calendar from falling out of step. However, this was only a theoretical measure.

As the Roman armies conquered new lands after the creation of the calendar, this calendar was used in every part of the empire. Not to maintain uniformity, but as a constant reminder to the citizens, asserting Roman Authority and Caesar’s power.

Initiation of the Gregorian Calendar.

There were two major reasons why the Gregorian calendar replaces the Julian calendar:-

First Reason

First, it was by the ninth century, that many parts of Southern Europe started to observe 25th March as the first day of the New Year on to coincide with Annunciation Day. That was a church holiday celebrated 9 months before Christmas as it marked the day on which Virgin Mary was informed of the miraculous news that she would be the mother of the Messiah.

2nd Reason

Second and the most important one came during the Middle Ages. A major flaw in the Julian calendar came into notice because Sosigenes failed to precisely calculate the value for the solar year. He calculates it to be 365.25 days, whereas the actual value turns out as 365.242199 days. It causes a misalignment of the Julian and the Solar year. Therefore, an 11-minute-a-year error adds seven days by the year 1000, and over the years, the Spring Equinox (and, with it, Easter) gets moving up, and Pope Gregory XIII found it inconvenient to re-set the holiday every year as it creates confusion.

Creation and Implementation.

As a result of the difference and the inconvenience it was causing, in the 1570s Pope Gregory XIII enlists the Jesuit astronomer, Christopher Clavius to create a new calendar. He then creates a calendar. In the calender, ten days were removed from the month of October. The formula for devising leap years was altered. Only the years divisible by 400 at the end of a century, like-, 1600, 2000, etc. were to as leap years. And, once ready, in the year 1582, the “Gregorian” or “New Style” calendar needs approval by Pope Gregory XIII. After the approval, it gets acceptance by most Roman Catholic countries.

Problems in Implementation

But, the protestant and eastern rite countries were reluctant. It was claimed by the Protestants that the Roman Antichrist was conspiring to trick them into worshipping. It was done on the wrong days and hurting their faith. The Eastern Rite churches were aloof of this. The thing that they want was to maintain tradition. A handful of east European countries follows the Julian calendar for some centuries more. It by the accordance of an act of Parliament that came out in 1750. England and its 11 colonies changed calendars in 1752. Scotland, however, had switched about 150 years ago. Russia didn’t implement the Gregorian calendar until after the 1917 revolution took place.


But, finally, after a long period of ignorance, almost the entire world accepted the Gregorian calendar and stated to celebrate New Year on 1st January. But, even today the traditional or the revised Julian calendar is followed by the Eastern Orthodox Church to set its liturgical year.

Happy New Year Messages | Happy New Year Quotes | Happy New Year Images

So, these were the best Happy New Year Messages that could be shared with your friends and family.

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