How to Get Instant Loan of ₹60000 from MobiKwik

A complete guide to getting ₹60000 instant loan from Mobikwik.

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Get Instant Loan of ₹60000 from MobiKwik:

Almost every day we get a call from one or the other telemarketers for a personal loan or credit card. On the call, they mention us that we can get a loan in a matter of minutes, but even their call lasts for around an hour if you show any interest. Also, the documentation requirements are something which can be annoying. You will have to submit all kinds of proofs for your income, for your permanent address, your temporary address, your photo identification and what not.

Or there is a convenient way to get money in your wallet in a matter of minutes and with minimal documentation. What will you prefer; the latter right? Mobikwik is offering the exact same thing, where you can get an instant loan of up to 60000 in just 5 minutes.

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How it works:

The process can be completed in 3 easy steps:

1)    Download the ‘Mobikwik’ mobile app and click on ‘Boost your Finances’ option present there. If you already have the app but don’t see this option, try updating the app from the Play store or the App Store. 

Once you click the option and select ‘Yes, Interested’ you would see the option to enter your ‘Aadhar Number’ and ‘PAN Details’, enter and proceed. You will get the option to enter OTP, which you will get on your registered mobile number. After entering OTP you will be asked to enter your address, submit it as to go further.

2)     In this step, you will know how much amount can be credited in your wallet. And what will be the EMI (Easy Monthly Instalment) amount as per the plans? This amount is decided as per your credit history which Mobikwik gets from the CIBIL authorities.

3)    The final step is to select the EMI as per the convenience and auto repayment date of your convenience. You get around 2 months of time for your first EMI date and then monthly payment is required. You also have to agree to all the terms and condition before the balance is credited into your account.

And when you are done; the money will be credited into your wallet instantly. You can then transfer this money into your bank account.

Points to remember:

1)    Make sure your eKYC for the Mobikwik mobile app is done, and then only you are eligible for the loan.

2)    Also, ensure your Aadhar is linked to your mobile number to get the OTP.

3)    Accept the ‘terms and conditions’ only after thoroughly going through each of them and understanding it completely. In case you have any questions have it clear by the 24*7 customer service by Mobikwik.

4)    Confirm the rate of interest charged by Mobikwik and the EMI amount before signing up for the loan. Any late repayment of EMI can lead to unnecessary fines.

5)    It is important that you have a decent Credit Score which increases the chance of getting a full loan amount. You can get your credit score checked for free online.

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How to get Loan ?

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