How to text a Girl whom you wanna Date on Tinder/WhatsApp

Some useful tips to text a girl on Tinder or WhatsApp to make her wanna go out with you.


You were swiping it right on Tinder for a long time and finally got the match and now you don’t know about how to start a conversation. Or you have finally got the number of the girl you had a crush on and you are looking to date her. Well, it is hard enough knowing what a girl exactly wants when you are nearby and to know what to say with a few simple characters and emojis on your screen.

The First Message:

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The very first message you send her is extremely important and crucial. With this message, she will determine whether to talk to you and to be more than just a friend. One important thing should be kept in mind that you message her at the correct time when people are most likely to be free. And if you got a match on tinder make certain to ping her within 24hrs and not thereafter.

The content of your message is also important, just saying “How’s it going” or “How do you do?” doesn’t work, and in fact, it’s a big turn off for some women. You can use her bio as a reference to initiate the talk like if her name is unique ask her what it means or if she has mentioned some hobbies ask her about it. Never send her something boring or complex, instead compliment her for her looks, hobbies, and habits. If you know her already remind her of something  you did together like, “remember the time when we did that…” Try to start a conversation in a casual way and then slowly move forward.

How to move ahead:

Once she starts replying your messages take the conversation forward by asking her some genuine questions so that you can know her in a better way. Keep the conversation focused on her; get her to open up about her likes and dislikes. Once you know her taste, ask her questions about it, people tend to talk more about the things they like. Don’t send her flurry of messages as this can be a big no. Give her some space and text as per her replies.

Try to mention about your life as well, she should know that you too have a social life. This will make her want to hang out with you. Be subtle and don’t brag, believe me, she will know when you do that. If you both have similar hobbies tell her about it and make her ask you some questions. Also when you are in a  comfortable zone, send the pictures of occasional exciting things you do. Girls like that their guy have a life outside of their relationship; this makes a guy interesting to be around.

It must be taken in mind while texting her that most of the time, the messages should possess some purpose and just random pointless text will make her lose interest. Instead, compliment her, make her laugh to make sure conversation is going on in a right way. Ask her for the date when you are comfortable and sure that she will say yes. Sometimes indirectly building up to asking her out increases chances of affirmative answers. Like, when you say I live near this place, is it nearby? & If she says yes, mention that you have some free time this weekend and you can hang out if she is free. Don’t be angry if she says no, it’s a part of life just move on.

Things to keep in mind:

Be available for her but not too easily. Make her wait for your replies, but not too long. A woman will like her man to do some better things instead of just waiting for her next text. Give it some time for your reply, just enough not to make you look rude. If you can’t talk in genuine situations don’t just stop talking, instead, tell her about y6our situation that you need to take care of something and will talk later.

Always remember things that she tells you about herself, it is important for women to know that their man gives them proper attention. It is a very simple fact but has a huge impact which makes her feel special. You can do it by either bringing up something she might have said earlier or ask questions related to it.

Type proper words, yes it’s important. You typing ‘k’ instead of ‘ok’ or type ‘y’ instead of typing ‘why’ makes her think you are too lazy and someday her interest in you may be gone. Never tell her inappropriate jokes which makes you look like a crude man. You should never text her something which is sexual, racial, abusive or mean.

No one can exactly tell you about how to talk to a girl as the situation changes person to persons. Above tips are based on some common and decent understandings of good behaving men which can help you to approach your girl in a confident manner which ultimately will increase the possibilities of affirmative answers from her side  

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