Ideas to increase productivity and promote happiness

Ever wondered how to increase the productivity of your teams and in turn promote a sense of happiness. Here are a few cents.....

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  • Ever wondered how to increase the productivity of your teams and in turn promote a sense of happiness. Here are a few cents…..

  1. 1 Be personal with your team

    More often than not, it is seen that when you start your conversation in an informal way, it develops an emotional bonding between the subjects & which goes a long way in owning the conversation & driving it in a way that wants.

  2. 2 Implement working Meetings

    A meeting outside of office environment, especially in cafes within the office or outside office like CCDs, Chayos, tea-villas, tea cafes, Baristas or Starbucks, if you could afford have invigorated a new pattern of meetings which instils new.

  3. 3 Share the Pain

    Every job has its less-than-fun parts, and just knowing they have to come in and spend time on those boring, tough, or tedious tasks can be a motivation-killer for your employees. Preference to divide and conquer rather than let anyone suffer solitarily could be a good option.

  4. 4 Switch Up the Work

    You don't have to go so far as to implement Google's (recently cracked down upon) rule that gives employees 20% of their time to try their own pet projects, but letting people get involved in tasks outside of their day jobs can help them break out of their routine and boost creativity. Try assigning a smaller task or two to people based on their interests in learning a new skill or finding out more about another part of the business or first generate interest in the topic of the project by letting team showcase how will they handle a project of a typical type & then assigning roles in that.

  5. 5 Ensure Diverse Working Conditions

    Study after study has shown that open floor plans can actually decrease productivity and satisfaction—and a sea of cubicles isn't the best approach, either. In fact, the best workspaces are ones that offer people a bit of freedom to move around and get a change of scenery. While it's not exactly easy to rebuild an office, having some flex spaces where people can work other than their desks—like couch areas, pods, kitchen nooks, standing desks, or even co-working conference rooms—can make a big difference.

  6. 6 Implement No Meeting Wednesdays (or Tuesdays or Thursdays…for example)

    Practised by companies like Facebook, Kiva, and Asana, a weekly day off from meetings ensures that everyone has the invaluable tool of contiguous (and guilt-free) time to work on bigger tasks and projects.

  7. 7 Try Walking Meetings

    First made popular by Nilofer Merchant's TED talk, these small group meetings taken out of the office have been shown to increase employees' creativity and focus.

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