Review: Is X-Men Dark Phoenix the worst movie ever?

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is an entertaining movie and can be seen to pass time as the background score and music, by the famous film score composer and record producer Hans Florian Zimmer, are very good.

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After two long year, the next movie of X-Men series which is based on the comics X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, the ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix being the last sequel of X-Men series under the combined production of “20th Century Fox”  and  Marvel Entertainment Studio is now released worldwide on June 7th, 2019 (United States).

Review: Is X-Men Dark Phoenix the worst movie ever?

Dark Phoenix will be the last production of “20th Century Fox”  as the Marvel Entertainment Studio has acquired it and actors promoting the movie were seen saying this movie to be an end to the twenty years old X-Men legacy. The movie was supposed to be a Big Bang as marvel-fans were expecting a marvel-polish on it and a more action-filled entertainment after a movie like Avengers: Endgame, as both these movies are released by the Marvel Entertainment Studio.

This movie revolves around Game of Thrones fame Sophie Turner aka Jean Grey who gets exposed to Cosmic forces while on a life-saving rescue mission which goes wrong in the space and becomes the makes her the most powerful mutant ever. After being exposed to the cosmic forces she starts feeling strange and her uncontrollable power and her personal emotional imbalance bring unfortunate & disastrous results to Xavier’s School for Mutants and to the whole world.

Sophie Turner was directly selected to play the character of Jean Grey without any screen tests on the basis of some Instagram pics and it was hard for the X-men fans to accept any new face in a central role without any tests being the main character of Dark Phoenix but with her praisable acting, Sophie Turner turned off all the negative comments and she did pretty well as Jean Grey.

Dark Phoenix was written to be something different keeping the X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga in mind and it could be one complete package of entertainment if it could have been released as same as was produced by “20th Century Fox” but some last minute edits by Marvel Entertainment Studio, to make it’s ending-scenes different from an upcoming marvel-movie, faded the whole movie and made it even worse that it could not be compared to the comic X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga, the movie derives its name from and this finally makes it a failure to impress and entertain the X-Men fans. Even after all these missings, the movie cannot be said to be a complete flop show.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is an entertaining movie and can be seen to pass time as the background score and music, by the famous film score composer and record producer Hans Florian Zimmer, are very good. The acting of James McAvoy and Sophie Turner have justified their respective roles and this makes Dark Phoenix worth watching. But there is always a chance of improvement. This movie could be even better if its story writer Simon Kinsberg who had a very last chance to do good in the field of the direction of the movie.

But, the movie seems to be a betrayal and it’s hard to accept it as a ‘goodbye note’ from this Twenty years old legacy to the X-Men die-heart fans. The movie fails to achieve the level of performance and excitement set up by previous movies of X-Men series as other character did tie up the movie to be one complete show and the Dark Phoenix barely defines or justify the Legacy of twenty years one X-Men. The absence of continuity of story from its last movie and absence of Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine makes this last part of X-men series an unbearable movie.

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